Our Vision & Mission



Of all the several important contributors to the development of the skills of an individual and to human capital, formal, schooling is the most important one parents, individual abilities, peer groups too contribute nonetheless school have a special place! Our school regards Education as a dynamic. The school aims students dynamic a self-directed learners .One who question, reflects perseveres and shares responsibility. Our mission is to develop our students as active contributors who are innovative, who exercise initiative and who take calculated risks and strive for excellence.

Also we aim at making our students concerned citizens with a strong Seuss of civic responsibility .To quote Mudaliar Commission Report "Citizenship in democracy is a very exacting and challenging responsibility for which every citizen has to trained. It involves intellectual, more and social qualities". Our students will be trained to think globally and work locally as they must realize the impact of global issues in local milieu. The School 's mission is to create such an environment in the school that the students not merely enhance their knowledge, develop then skills but also learn to be honest, dedicated commented citizens of India.



At Jim Corbett International School we provide an interesting and safe learning environment with innovative and responsive teaching across the curriculum we aim to maximise individual potential and through our core values, ensures all students are empowered to meet the challenges of education, work and life in a rapidly changing global environment.